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September 11, 2022  

Arcas 1: Leaves on the Wind

September 11, 2022

Join us at the Monastery of Arcadia about 2 years before the main campaign, as we learn the backstory of some new PCs as they undertake their monk training and embark on their first adventure together. (This was supposed to be a one shot to introduce Ive's character for season 3, but everyone loved their characters so much that we expanded it into a short arc after we completed the one-shot).

Fable, Shea, Whik, Tobias, and Silhouette celebrate Whik’s recent advancement to full member of the Ordered Row. Celebrations are cut short however, as they stumble across dire news that threatens the serenity of the monastery they call home.

See https://www.d8nightpodcast.com/ for a few of Ive’s table sketches from this arc as well as for links to the homebrew races and feats that are featured!