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July 31, 2022  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 25 – Purple Rain

It was never meant to be in this city

Never meant to return to this plane

They only wanted to lock it away

But now it can see you

Laughing in the purple rain


Purple rain, purple rain

Purple rain, purple rain

Purple rain, purple rain

It only wants to see you

Underneath the purple rain


They never wanted it to break the seal

But its banishment is at an end

The spokes are turning, time to kneel

Purple rain, the city’s last portend


Purple rain, purple rain

Purple rain, purple rain

Purple rain, purple rain

It only wants to see you

Drowning in the purple rain

July 17, 2022  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 24 – The Memory Remains

Flicker, Flames

Dreaming Pain

Gone Insane

But the Memory Remains


Heavy smoke and heavy hearts

Another flame does its part

See the manic crowd, in exaltation as they choke


The burning brimstone grows

Hides and swallows Caerrun whole

Singeing blaze of an eldritch god already woke


Flicker, Flames

Dreaming Pain

Gone Insane

Flicker, Flames

Dreaming Pain

Gone Insane

But the Memory Remains


Heavy smoke holds many ghosts

In streets of Caerrun’s spokes

While the Jester’s song makes you remember


And the pain goes on and on

As the Jester sings her song

Ash to ash

Dust to Dust

Flame to Ember


Flicker, Flames

Dreaming Pain

Gone Insane

Flicker, Flames

Dreaming Pain

Thüt’s Insane

Dance Little Potatoes

July 3, 2022  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 23 – Human

We did our best to run

When the horde came through the gate

Around the walls of no surrender

They came, on and on

Don’t blame us if we get nervous

When Thüt Opens a Door

Sanctuary, Disengage

Cut the Cord


Are they Human?

Or are they Ichor?

The ick is slick

The goo is black

And we’re in the thick

And it’s getting thicker

Are they Human

Or are they ichor?

June 19, 2022  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 22 – Other Side of the Gray

Wellby, Maryna, and Callum have serious conversations during the dusk before waking Thüt and making their final trek to Caerrun. But, when they arrive they discover a desperate scene that makes them fear they may be too late.

June 5, 2022  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 21 – The Butler Did It

Wellby, Maryna, and Thüt make their escape from the inferno that is the estate of Lord Montross. However, when they do get outside, they are met with much more resistance than they expected.

May 22, 2022  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 20 – Carriages and Kings

The goliath and the carriage horse

Were walking cross the land

The road was wide from side to side

And the horse was in his hands

“Mr. Wizard,” said the carriage horse

“My back begins to ache

I appreciate the brief respite

That you’ve allowed for me to take.”


“The time has come” the goliath said

“To talk of other things

Of gnolls and babes and potato sacks

And carriages and kings

And while the king is boiling hot

And my dreams full of eldritch things

But Kaloo, Kalay, we walk today

Beside carriages and kings!

May 9, 2022  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 19 – Moons Out, Cannoons Out

Thüt teaches a master class in laying low.

April 24, 2022  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 18 – Suggestions

Wellby, Maryna, and Thüt and lay low after their interesting masquerade in the posh part of town.

April 11, 2022  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 17 – Hungover

 Now the sun is rising
And we’re far away home
There's just so many faces
Not the ones we’re looking for
In the dark, try to fight it
To forget what we’ve done
But in the bright light
We remember everyone that’s gone

Now the party's over
And everything’s a mess
We’re left here with ourselves and we
Wonder what we have left
Does a heart break forever?
Like a bottle on the floor
Is there hope to be unbroken
Or are we just hungover?

March 27, 2022  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 16 – Ballroom Blitz

Are you ready, Wellby? Uh-ha.

Maryna? Yeah!
Thüt? Okay.

All right, folks, let’s go!


Oh, it’s been an adventure

Livin’ with the things we’ve seen

Our dreams are getting so strange

We’d like to know what they mean


Oh, we found a man on the floor

His skin as hot as the sun

And a girl in the curtains, putting on a hurting

Cause she thinks we’re all caught in her web


Oh yeah, it was like lightning

Everybody was frightening

Things started crashing

And Thüt started smashing

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah


Someone’s stabbed in the back: "Everyone attack!"

And it turned into a ballroom blitz

And the girl in the corner said: "girl, I should warn ya"

It'll turn into a ballroom blitz

Ballroom blitz

Ballroom blitz

Ballroom blitz

Ballroom blitz

March 13, 2022  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 15 – The Best Laid Plans of Wolves and Rabbits

It’s masquerade night for Wellby, Maryna, Thüt, and Brüx. While the nobles dance, the Potato Crew has a job to do, though a dance-floor encounter may throw a wrench in and gum up the whole works.

February 27, 2022  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 14 – The Ladle and the Lock

Wellby, Maryna, and Thüt try to navigate the Death Labyrinth they wandered into last episode. The labyrinth, of course, has other plans.

February 13, 2022  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 13 – The Potato Baby Diamond Heist

It’s a plan that’s never failed before. Let’s see how it works out for Wellby, Maryna, and Thüt this time though.

January 23, 2022  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 12 – If You Could Read My Mind

If I could read your mind, Maryna
What a tale your thoughts could touch
Just like a sad old story
‘Bout losing something that meant so much
In a manor dark or a hidden room
With a dagger in its heart
But you know the ghost is you
And you will never be set free
As long as you’re that ghost, we can't see

If I could read your mind, Thüt
What a tale your thoughts could tell
Just like an eldritch story
The kind that Lovecraft told so well
When you reach the part where the tentacles are
The hero won’t be me
Because heroes often fail
And we won't read that book again
Because the ending's just too hard to take

I never thought you could act this way
And I've got to say that I just don't get it
Yelling at old men at the docks
But the crew is gone and we just can’t get it back

If you could read my mind, Thüt
What a tale my thoughts could preach
Just like an old time story
'Bout a phantom walking on the beach
In an ocean dark or the waters deep
With chains upon my feet
Our stories always end
And if you read between the lines
You'll know that I'm just trying to understand
Why everybody dies

I never thought things would be this way
And I've got to say that I just don't get it
I don't know where I went wrong
But she is gone
And I just can't get her back

January 9, 2022  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 11 – The Cotton-Eye Joe Proverb

If it hadn’t been for the Kraken-Eye Joe
They’d have gone back and then they’d know
Where they had come from and where they should go
But where will they wash up, Kraken-Eye Joe?

December 27, 2021  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 10 – Calamari Maru

In this episode ten-TACTULAR spectacular, the crew of the trashfire may be outmatched as they face an incredible threat summoned from the ocean depths.

December 12, 2021  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 9 – Waking a Sleeping Giant

Thüt returns and joins Wellby and Maryna in a grisly discovery and a high stakes nautical chase.

November 28, 2021  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 8 – Black Scale

Maryna and Wellby find something worse than the desert— what they were looking for.

November 19, 2021  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 7 – A Firm Lesson, in Death

When the Trashfire makes anchor in Torbarhon, Maryna, Wellby, and a few crew members take the opportunity to get off their sea legs for a bit. However, mysterious disappearances in the little fishing town prompt the party to begin a dangerous trek. 

October 17, 2021  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 6 – Big Sleeps

Aboard the Trashfire, Thüt finds himself in the midst of one big sleep, but he’s not the only new crew member facing nightmares.

October 6, 2021  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 5 – Nestea® Plunge

Thüt, Maryna, Wellby, and Talia confront Malach’s kidnappers in a knockdown, drag-out fight aboard the Redemption. 

September 20, 2021  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 4 – So Long, Pirate Town

Thüt, Maryna, Wellby, and Talia make their way aboard The Redemption and learn that the mission is a little more personal for one of the group members than the others first realized.

September 5, 2021  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 3 – Step One: Look the Part

Thüt, Maryna, and Wellby set off on their way to the pirate city of Drohst in order to rescue Duke Graycastle’s young boy from the clutches of Orc raiders operating under the banner of Akagi the Destroyer.

August 22, 2021  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 2 – Not Heroes

In this episode, newly introduced Thüt (played by new guest player Josh Gilliland) joins Wellby and Maryna in the mines beneath Iknir. 

When the trio is introduced to Jurgen Graycastle, the Duke makes them an offer they can’t refuse.

August 8, 2021  

Potato Crew Prequel: Episode 1 – Dark Places

In a prequel that takes place 15 years before the main campaign, 3 unlikely adventurers begin their own story in the 10,000 Cities.

In this episode, we meet Marina Zamfirescu and Wellby Goodfortune as they fall afoul of the law in the city of Iknir.

July 25, 2021  

S2E076: Heroes of Raventree

In the month following the assault on Raventree, the village and those around it deal with the aftermath of their near destruction. Yet, while it heals its wounds, it never fails to remember its heroes — even as they choose where their journeys will take them next.


Thanks for listening to D8 Night Season 2! 

Various characters from our campaign will return in future seasons soon beside all-new PCs!

July 11, 2021  

S2E075: The Mistress

Two seasons of searching finally comes to fruition, as our exhausted party and the Mistress square off in a climactic battle.

June 27, 2021  

S2E074: Gulthias, When the Walls Fell

As the sea of trees and blighted beasts engulfs Raventree to the north, our heroes finally come face to face with the Mistress.

June 13, 2021  

S2E073: The Grove of the Twisted Limb

South of Raventree, the Mistress’ grove dominates the horizon, an endless sea of shambling trees that move rhythmically like a single beating heart.

With the villagers’ defenses exhausted, our heroes have only bad options left to choose from. Lucky for them, bad decisions are sort of their specialty. 

May 30, 2021  

S2E072: The Dark Dawn

As the attacks on Raventree grow more calculated and intense, our heroes try to shore up their defenses and hold the line.
May 17, 2021  

S2E071: Assurances

As a new day dawns in Raventree, the party and the squad of Drow assassins continue their deadly dance in the tunnels below the village.

May 5, 2021  

S2E070 A Weird, Deadly Conga Line

The party ventures into the dark tunnels beneath Raventree to try and foil the Drow's plans to undermine the village.

April 18, 2021  

S2E069 Sneak and Peek

Our party's split defense of Raventree continues through the long night, but an update from Henna warns that the darkness won't end with the dawn. 

April 5, 2021  

S2E068 Shrub Rolls Good!

As Ahrin reconciles differences in two remembered pasts, a new hero awakens to defend Raventree. 

March 21, 2021  

S2E067: What it Means to be a God

With the pull of the prayers of her people threatening to rip her apart, Ahrin is forced to come to terms with what it means to be a god.

March 7, 2021  

S2E066: Cato****as: Death at the Gates

The mistress’ vanguard crashes past the palisade walls and deep into Raventree, resulting in a desperate, deadly stand.

February 21, 2021  

S2E065 In Between

In the last moments before the Mistress’s assault, Keira reconnects with what little of her family has made it to Raventree. Meanwhile, Ahrin faces the pull of a desperate call when the difficult choice she was warned about finally presents itself.

February 5, 2021  

S2E064 Homecoming

When Ahrin, Keira, Zev, Henna, and GW return to Raventree after their prolonged adventure in the Underdark and the rearguard of the Mistress, they have a lot of catching up to do.


This episode features not only the Underdark-5, but also Durn, Trixie, Spree, and a host of returning NPC favorites in this chaotic homecoming before the storm.

January 22, 2021  

S2E063: Killing Spree

Called by Bahamut, a Dragonborn Paladin who arrives to protect the Temple of the First Land meets some characters from earlier in our other heroes’ adventures.


This episode features a very special guest player!

January 8, 2021  

S2E062: Thorn and Leaf

During a number of reunions, the party learns the effect their smash and grab has had on the Mistress’ plans and what it might mean for the defense of Raventree.

December 22, 2020  

2020 Holiday Special: Why the Grunch Swiped Crustmus

Join the Mayer family in this family-friendly holiday special! 

Will DMs a snow-covered adventure in the hills around Cliffshire on Crustmus morning as a family of Halflings and their adopted Owling daughter try and save Crustmus Day from the clutches of the local Muppet-like hermit known as the Grunch! But obstacles such as sabretooth housecats, history lessons, and lumpy snow creatures all threaten to block their path! Can the Goodfeather family overcome these obstacles or will the Halflings of Cliffshire go hungry this Crustmus?

Aimee as the Halfling mommy-cleric, Marigold Goodfeather
10-year-old Isaiah as the Halfling frenzy barbarian big brother, Merjon Gunderson-Goodfeather
8-year-old Aliyah as the adopted Owling hoarder-thief sister Owliyah Goodfeather
6-year-old Ember as the shape-shifting Halfling druid little sister, Leah Goodfeather

December 18, 2020  

S2E061: Aberration Undulation, Bilocation Abnegation, and Germination Incantations

With their backs against the impenetrable hidden Grove, Ahrin and Zev make a stand against the oncoming dregs of the Mistress’s rearguard while the Grease Wizard attempts to complete the ritual to bring Clippy to adolescence and Keira treats with Kipling to provide refuge for her friends.

Elsewhere, in Raventree, Durn issues a desperate prayer to Atalanta as the Mistress, now devoid of the life giving stone, advances her forces with great haste.

December 11, 2020  

S2E060 The Last Land for Us

Durn, Trixie, and the Giff crew face the Owling Parliament in an attempt to prove their innocence and rally support for the final defense of Raventree against the Grove of the Twisted Limb's impending onslaught.

December 5, 2020  

S2E059 Roll for Dwarf

Durn and Trixie approach their destination but are forced to take an unexpected detour.

November 27, 2020  

S2E058 Pomp and Circumstance

The story returns to Durn and Trixie as the Thundercloud comes under heavy assault on its return trip to Lumosh.

November 20, 2020  

Bonus Episodes: Helix: Part 8 of 8

In this finale of the Helix arc, Tommy, Jessica, and Lexy go back on the run as they hope to secure some help from a 90s conspiracy theory icon.

November 13, 2020  

S2E057: The Only Way to Hold a Falcon

In a desperate move to unravel the blighted mass that slithers across Lumosh, the party attempts a smash and grab against overwhelming odds.

October 30, 2020  

S2E056 The Wake of the Mistress

The party moves across the desolate wastes left in the wake of the Mistress of the Grove of the Twisted Limb, dig whole holes, go whole hag, and, finally, discover something wholly unexpected.

October 29, 2020  

D8Night Remote: Chaos Out of Order – 008 The Lobster Feels it All

For Premium Subscribers Only


After a six-week hiatus, the chaos crew is still in the same initiative order, as the Nilmerg has used the old rope trick to turn a single encounter into a 3-episode hat trick. Which makes this episode a Halloween trick and treat for our premium subs.


Premium Subscribers get early access to this campaign. If you subscribe and want to text chat while you listen live, visit our Discord server and message the Game Mom with your subscription e-mail.

October 23, 2020  

Bonus Episodes: Helix: Part 7 of 8

Tommy, Jessica, and Lexy find themselves in Buffalo at the mysterious Simultrek warehouse where they may learn more about the mystery that prompted the mysterious visits in Willowbrook. All of which may prove useful if they ever get back out.

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