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October 23, 2022  

The Pumpkin Man – D8 Night’s Family-Friendly Halloween D&D Special!

October 23, 2022

Join Will and his three kids (Zay, Ali, and Emmie) on adventure to discover what’s really going behind the scenes at Auntie Marlaine’s Spooky Automaton Theater!

This special episode is family friendly and does take place in Volyanaya, the world of the main campaign, and helps explore a bit of the lore relevant to season 1 of D8 Night. Mostly, however, it’s just a fun adventure Will put together for his kids to have a good time playing a somewhat spooky D&D session together!

We recorded this special last Halloween, but wanted to share it with all our listeners this year! If you like it, consider checking out all of our premium episodes that take place outside of the main the campaign arc: https://www.d8nightpodcast.com/premium-behind-the-screens.html