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March 29, 2019  

Season 1 Summary + Season 2 Preview Trailer!

If you're new to the podcast and want to jump right in to season 2, this episode provides is a quick summary of what happened in season 1, followed by a extended trailer / preview of season 2! Contains spoilers for season 1!

And Preview D8 Night - Season 2

  • Upgraded Audio Quality.
  • Expanded story-line with additional PCs.
  • New, longer episodes, every other Friday, wherever you get your podcasts.
  • Homebrew magic items and character options.

Our characters begin season 2 in the giant dragon turtle city of Albagula, where they are set to compete in Takeshi's Games. These games pit them in events resembling those from cult classic TV show: Takeshi's Castle (AKA Most Extreme Elimination Challenge) and the winners gain an audience with Emperor Takeshi himself.

Will our heroes triumph and gain the knowledge they need to conquer the spreading blight on the land or will they be forced to make their choices in the darkness? Listen as our heroes try to save the world, one bad decision at a time.

January 3, 2018  

S1 D8 Night Giveaway Details!

CONGRATS to BRThornburg1 for being the winner!

Details on how you can win D&D related prizes by reviewing our show on iTunes!



December 27, 2017  

Season 1 Trailer

This is D8 Night, Season 1! We're Will, Aimee, Mike, Sam and Ive. Listen as we explore the world of Volyanaya, a homebrew world for a custom actual-play campaign!

In this trailer, you'll get a taste for the show.

Let's explore a whole new world together!


December 26, 2017  

000 Roll Initiative

Explore the world of Volyanaya, a world in turmoil, on the cusp of a new age, and with only our heroes to save it — after completing other important matters having to do with pies, homunculi, and abandonment issues of course. Geez, with heroes like these, who needs villains?


D8 Night: an actual play D&D Podcast where our heroes save Volyanaya, one bad decision at a time.

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