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December 22, 2020  

2020 Holiday Special: Why the Grunch Swiped Crustmus

December 22, 2020

Join the Mayer family in this family-friendly holiday special! 

Will DMs a snow-covered adventure in the hills around Cliffshire on Crustmus morning as a family of Halflings and their adopted Owling daughter try and save Crustmus Day from the clutches of the local Muppet-like hermit known as the Grunch! But obstacles such as sabretooth housecats, history lessons, and lumpy snow creatures all threaten to block their path! Can the Goodfeather family overcome these obstacles or will the Halflings of Cliffshire go hungry this Crustmus?

Aimee as the Halfling mommy-cleric, Marigold Goodfeather
10-year-old Isaiah as the Halfling frenzy barbarian big brother, Merjon Gunderson-Goodfeather
8-year-old Aliyah as the adopted Owling hoarder-thief sister Owliyah Goodfeather
6-year-old Ember as the shape-shifting Halfling druid little sister, Leah Goodfeather