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January 2, 2020  

Audio Proficient: Book Reviews and D8 Night ASMR

Listen in as we get ready for a recording session, when Ive gives a book review and the other players decide to torment Aimee with D8 Night ASMR.

December 28, 2018  

Audio Proficient: New Intro, Full Cut with Bloopers

As it gets closer to our podcast’s one year anniversary, we needed to make a new intro… and we wanted to record some new midrolls.

Here is the full audio from that session… unedited, uncensored. Maybe don’t listen to this at work or with your kids around, unless you use headphones.

This bonus episode shows you why we typically record midrolls without the whole crew.

May 24, 2018  

Audio Proficient: Starting out

Premium Content (for D8 Night Behind the Screen Members only).

In this episode, Behind The Screens: Audio Proficient, Starting Out, Aimee talks about learning the new software and creating music -- it includes all published music in the background!

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